Jacqueline Grosse, M.A., CCC/SLP, LLC  - Speech & Language Pathologist

Client Testimonials:

"We were extremely lucky to receive speech services from Jackie for my daughter this year. She was 8 years old at the time and needed help articulating her 'R' sounds. Jackie worked with her on a weekly basis for about 8 months. She gave her simple yet targeted homework that she was able to execute on her own. My daughter made consistent progress week to week, and worked through her speech issue beautifully. We are so thankful to Jackie for all her help. She was always very professional, I loved the post-lesson re-cap each time and she always kept us very focussed on the weekly goals. My daughter had a lot of fun taking lessons as well, in fact, she didn't want to stop when she reached her goals! I highly recommend Jackie for speech therapy, she is truly amazing!"
Marisa K.

I came to Jackie after a frustrating five months of trying to recover after surgery to remove a cyst on my lip. I am studying to be a professional musician at a masters level, and my recovery was painstakingly slow. When I first saw Jackie, I could play my instrument about ten minutes a day. She took the time to explain to me what was going on, conducted thorough research to ensure that the exercises she gave me were relevant and helpful, and invested much of her time helping me find ways to improve. I enjoyed coming to see her, and each added minute to my practice routine was a reason to celebrate for both of us. After only four months of therapy I am now playing very advanced repertoire for two hours a day. It had been about a year since I had been able to tackle such pieces of music. I highly recommend Jackie, both as a speech-language-pathologist and as a caring and sincere person". - Sierra A

"I brought my son (6) to see Jackie during a visit to Washington to visit family. We are living in Germany and I wanted him to see an English-speaking speech therapist. My son has a rare genetic disorder and his speech is severely limited. Jackie was so accommodating, fitting us into her schedule in the 3 weeks we were there, going out of her way to help us. Her dedication, commitment and enthusiasm to help my son were incredible. He loved her from the start and was so excited to see her each time. Already after the first week, we saw an improvement in my son's speech and with each passing week, he continues to make progress, thanks to all the tips she has given us. We can see a big difference in him, communicating with more confidence, and he is now saying some nice sentences and making new sounds that he hadn't ever made before! Jackie is caring, genuine, and wonderful with children. Because of Jackie, we have real hope for our son's future."
Sally-Any Behrens

"It is an absolute pleasure for me to recommend Jackie Grosse, our speech therapist. My 10 year daughter Gali has been receiving speech therapy with Jackie for a year due to a tongue thrust. Jackie is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced professional. Jackie demonstrates great enthusiasm and Gali just loved meeting her every week. Jackie is a true professional: she is organized and focused and was always willing to listen to our concerns and to give us clear and concise feedback regarding Gali’s progress. Her methodology was consistent and clear and she built a beautiful relationship with Gali which motivated her to work hard, practice and get better.  I am extremely grateful that we had the honor and pleasure of working with Jackie and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a speech specialist."  Keren K. 

"I was lucky to have found Jackie Grosse. She took on the challenge of working on my speech. English being my second language, the task was twice as hard! We've made great progress on different sounds, overall articulation and intonation. Jackie is very thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her as a speech therapist!"
Derek G.

"Jackie Grosse is a consummate professional and I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a great speech therapist. She performed an evaluation in my daughter’s class and flagged a concern. After a full evaluation, it was clear that my daughter needed speech therapy to work on sound articulation, jaw movement, and tongue thrust. Jackie worked with us for just under two years—both with and without braces—and it was impressive to see what they got done in less than an hour! I appreciate that Jackie had clearly defined goals and progress reports, and it’s clear that she tailors each session for the child’s unique needs. Jackie has a knack for working with children and demonstrates patience and appropriate firmness to keep the forward momentum going."
Karen D.

"Jackie was such a great find! My son was on the “watch list” in kindergarten in terms of his speech but it never really went anywhere in terms of recommendations for help. I knew others outside the family had a hard time understanding him at times due to his speech being both unclear and really fast. Being a fast talker myself, perhaps it went unnoticed more than it should have. It wasn’t until we went to see an orthodontist (3 grade) that I learned that he had tongue thrust that required therapy. Jackie’s assessment uncovered several sounds requiring attention. We worked with Jackie over a year and I’m so glad we did. My son’s speech improved dramatically and others don’t have a hard time understanding him anymore. Jackie is caring, knowledgeable, and patient. Sessions with Jackie were productive and homework was clearly communicated and manageable. I appreciated that she took an interest in my son, incorporating therapy into their conversations. There were even a few occasions where she incorporated my son’s school memorization into the session and coached him on giving a speech in front of an audience (pace, annunciation, clarity, volume, breathing, etc.). Great skills to have as a young kid! I highly recommend Jackie’s expertise and services to anyone looking for a speech therapist."
Jessica N.

My daughter has excelled with Jackie’s approach to therapy. She was in therapy for a year with another therapist before starting with Jackie and made very little progress. She had many sounds to work on so she had a long road ahead of her. Once she started with Jackie she immediately began to make great progress within the first month! I could not be happier with how Jackie has worked with my daughter. She gave straightforward instruction that made sense to my daughter and to me. She also provided appropriate and easy to follow homework which supported my daughters goals very well. I’m so grateful we found Jackie!
Diana B.

"In 2015, my 8-year-old son was referred to Jacqueline Grosse by his orthodontist to begin weekly speech therapy sessions to address a tongue thrusting issue. I quickly discovered Jackie to be an extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring professional. On our first visit, she established a positive rapport with my son and immediately began using a variety of fun and engaging activities that helped him to understand how to properly swallow and pronounce certain sounds. Jackie’s techniques and positivity enabled my son to stay completely focused so that he could get the greatest benefit out of the time he spent with her. Each week we were given clear and simple activities to do at home and this made it easy for me to help my son make steady progress. Jackie is goal oriented and together we were able to set a clear timeline for exiting therapy which was very motivating for my son. Our experience with Jackie was extremely rewarding and I highly recommend her to any parent who needs speech therapy for their child."
Jill Smith

"At the start of our 7-year-old son's speech therapy, I felt relatively hopeless and skeptical. It was clear he needed assessing and instruction on how to retrain his tongue to make correct speech sounds and correct his tongue thrust but it seemed like an insurmountable obstacle between where he was and where he needed to be. From the first appointment with Jackie, I was extremely impressed with her professionalism, her respect for both myself and my son, and her knowledge, approach, and direction. Each session felt like it was maximized for the most amount of instruction possible, but not rushed. Jackie’s approach is methodical but flexible. She first assesses where her patient’s progress level is at each week, and then uses the remainder of the session to focus on what to improve right then and there…and by the end of the session the homework given is perfectly tailored for their needs and level at that time. The homework never felt like busy work or pointless . Also appreciated was how she puts a nervous child at ease, and similarly is capable of also addressing any concerns a parent may have in a respectful manner. I have already recommended her to friends who are looking for speech therapists and would highly recommend her to anyone of any age with any speech therapy need! "
Elijah's Mom

"Jackie Grosse is an expert in finding ways to support children in developing better speech. She closely studies all aspects of the individual child to identify the key levers to drive progress. With our child, she was the first specialist to realize there was actually a breath problem that was easily solved. A huge thanks to Jackie and the strongest recommendation to others."
Maria Langworthy

"...I feel so lucky to have found Jackie. My son spent a full year in therapy with another therapist and was misdiagnosed. It is wonderful to find somebody who can diagnose your child correctly and not just guess and waste your time and your child's time. Jackie was able to accurately diagnose my son and works extensively to help him improve and reach his goals." 
Liliane R.

"My son has language processing issues. He had been to two different speech pathologists before we found Jackie. Jackie is very intelligent. She knew exactly what my child needed the most, and worked very hard with my child and did not waste any time. She communicated with me and understood my concerns for my child. She set goals, and worked on the goals and taught my child techniques he could use at school. I would highly recommend her to any parent who has a child with speech related issues."
Louise L. 

"My six year old son had weekly appointments with Jackie for a year. She is a very knowledgeable and personable professional. Her professionalism and integrity are outstanding. I could not be more satisfied and pleasantly surprised to know that my son's speech problem was well taken care of. Her methodology is impressive, she showed me the progress each week and setting goals for the following week. It's almost unbelievable how much my son's receptive language has improved and how well he is able to communicate his thoughts and feelings nowadays. Jackie provided much more than a service, it was very transparent that her passion reflected on the work that she did with my son and we will always be thankful to her! And... Yoshi still asks to see her every week!"
Naomi T.

"Jackie is a patient and knowledgeable therapist. My children have been working with Jackie for more than 2 years; they have different speech therapy needs and both have made tremendous progress since they have started therapy sessions with Jackie. Jackie's warm and caring personality makes the therapy sessions fun for my toddler and preschooler. I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone looking for a speech therapist." 
Kristen W.

"After seeing Jackie Grosse for a year, my son has made significant improvement in his language skills from using just a few words to non-stop talking now! It is such a noticeable improvement and a big encouragement to our family. Jackie made me realize the potential my son had and helped him to reach his goals. Thank you Jackie!!"
Yolanda F.

"I was very impressed by Jackie's thorough, child-centered approach to speech therapy. From the initial evaluation to weekly sessions and ongoing follow-up, Jackie targeted the areas of biggest challenge for my preschool-aged son. Just a year ago, it was nearly impossible for those outside the family to understand him. Now, he speaks clearly and confidently, and I no longer see puzzled expressions on the faces of friends and family. My son also enjoyed Jackie's fun approach to therapy, looking forward to new games and activities each week. I would definitely recommend Jackie to parents seeking speech therapy for children of any age…they will love her and see fast results, as we did!"
Julie B.

"I brought my daughter to see Jackie when she was 12. She was nervous because she knew she was older and still struggling with speech—other therapists had hit a wall. She had A LOT of speech therapy starting around the age of 5 and though they had helped her a lot, she still struggled with a few last things. Jackie took a real interest in my daughter. Encouraging her not just in her speech, but in life as well. She was great at not dumbing down what she was doing and not treating her like a little kid. She was so respectful and I felt like she was excellent at matching her maturity levels. Katie was able to “graduate” despite wearing braces! The braces made everything more difficult, but now people are SHOCKED when they hear that she has had to have speech therapy. She has always spoken fast and still does. Jackie worked around that! Our family is so grateful that she was a part of our life and I would definitely recommend her as someone that knows how to make a difference in speech!"
Melanie H.

"My son made huge strides with his stuttering within 6 months of working once a week with Jackie. Over the course of a year and a half, he developed multiple tools he could utilize for speech fluency and learned to understand the triggers and situations in which those tools worked best. Within that year and a half, we went from once weekly to every other week to monthly. For me, as a parent and obviously aside from the amazing improvement itself, one of the best parts of working with Jackie was that my son actually enjoyed going to sessions with her and even looked forward to them, making my job ever so much easier."
Karen B.

"Jackie Grosse has been our son's speech therapist on two occasions. The first time was when he was a preschooler with delayed speech and articulation. Under her guidance his speech really improved, her assessments and treatment plans are comprehensive and clear. She sets great achievable goals and makes therapy fun. Her communication skills are excellent and she is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. More recently we were asked by an orthodontist to see a speech therapist for my son's tongue thrust so that this could be corrected prior to any orthodontic treatment. We returned to Jackie and were extremely happy with the results. We will miss our therapy sessions, it has been a pleasure."
Marian O.

"After many years of braces and even reconstructive jaw surgery to correct my misaligned jaws, it was disappointing to discover that I had a tongue thrust. My orthodontist warned me that if not corrected, it could compromise all the work previously done to my teeth and jaws. I’m so grateful to have found Jackie who is extremely caring and made sure to listen to all my concerns. Not only did she help me correct my tongue thrust, but she also helped me correct some speech sounds simultaneously. As a 20-year-old, it was hard for me to believe that I could retrain my tongue to swallow and rest in a different position than I had all these years. However, after only a few, short months, my tongue is completely retrained and I am so happy with the results. I feel so much more confident in the way I look and speak. Thank you so much for everything Jackie!"
Amy H.

"Jackie helped me complete the program in the time period I was hoping for. Jackie was very kind and patient with me, but also challenged me and held me accountable. I was very comfortable to be with her, and I was never stressed out about speech. I highly recommend Jackie."
Andrea P.

"When the orthodontist suggested speech therapy to fix the tongue thrust, I was worried how my teenager was going to work with a speech therapist. I am so glad to have found Jackie who so patiently explained the process to my son, and worked with him for around a year to correct his tongue thrust. She was so good with him that he actually enjoyed the sessions and took care of most of these visits himself. I am extremely happy with the result and would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs speech therapy. Thank you so much Jackie!"

"My family’s experience with Jackie includes two children with different speech-related issues. For my oldest, Jackie was able to help her address a tongue thrust before phase 1 braces. After having a great initial experience with her, we decided to entrust our youngest child to Jackie’s speech services for articulation issues. Jackie was able to engage, encourage and complete speech therapy with my children in a way that was developmentally appropriate and personally endearing for both of them. I’ve recommended friends to use Jackie, and I will continue to do so in the future."
Christy R.

"We first brought our son to see Jackie in the summer of 2015. At that time, at nearly two years old, he was virtually nonverbal and had been uncooperative and resistant in sessions with a different speech therapist. Thanks to Jackie’s help and recommendations, over the course of the past year we have seen a scarcely believable degree of progress – a little boy who a year ago could hardly say ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ now happily converses in three languages and can proudly rattle off the five-syllable names of obscure dinosaurs. We are deeply grateful to her for being an invaluable source of information and wisdom and for her patience and warmth towards a shy toddler. I recommend her without reservation."
Kristen L.

"Jackie Grosse is a fantastic therapist. She was working with my 8 year old for a year and It is amazing the progress my daughter made in such little time. I also like that Jackie incorporates learning with play.At the end of each session, she has taken the time to explain what and why they are working on specific things.We had a great experience with her. I highly recommend Jackie."
Natalie R.

 "Jackie Grosse has done an amazing job with my daughter.  First of all, her evaluations were very detailed and she did a great job at explaining her plan of action.  Jackie always took the time to go over each session and homework with me.  I felt comfortable asking questions and bringing up concerns I had.  She really did an excellent job at communicating with parents.   Additionally, she was very patient and kind with my daughter.   My daughter is shy but she opened up right away with Jackie.  She was always very happy to go to therapy.  It was such a pleasure to watch my daughter improve.  Jackie has made a big difference in my daughter's life: by improving her speech, she also has improved her self-esteem.  Jackie Grosse is very professional and I highly recommend her."  Val  W.

"My 13-year old daughter was referred to Jackie by our orthodontist to help with her tongue thrust. My daughter was very determined to fix her tongue movement since she wanted to fix her buck teeth. Jackie analyzed her condition thoroughly and communicated with us very well. Jackie understood my daughter’s personality and assured her that she could make solid progress every week as long as she did her homework (tongue movements) every day according to the detailed instructions. At each visit, she looked very happy to be told by Jackie that her daily efforts were making a huge difference. We were originally expecting it would take at least a year to change her tongue thrust habit, but it turned out to be only 6 months. Since we completely trusted Jackie and simply followed her instructions, it was a stress-free and very positive 6 months for our family."
Sumi W.

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